Since the year 1820 the Dwyer family have been producing clothing admired by people all over the world. The Dwyer name is synonymous with style and most of all quality.

The story begins in the ancient city of Cork, Ireland, where James Dwyer first began the firm of Dwyers & Co Ltd. Nearly two centuries ago James was born in 1798 and Dwyer's began when he established as a haberdasher at 12 Great George's Street cork in 1820.

From these beginings James grew the business to become one of the finest concerns of its kind in Ireland. By 1931 Dwyers & Co Ltd had grown to become a manufacture, wholesale and retail concern. Amongst the many brands manufactured by Dwyer & Co was Lee. The Lee brand was diverse and included Lee boot, Lee hosiery and Lee clothing. The product range was extensive and the manufacture of trousers played a key role in the success of the firm. Showrooms were set up in major cities and export sales grew.

Still today the best pieces of the most precious fabrics breathe life into the Dwyer name, always realised throught the most innovative design techniques.