AimPro Alignment Ball Marker

Using a line on a golf ball for putt alignment is one of the most widely used alignment methods currenlty used by top tour players and weekend golfers alike.  AimPro takes this proven putting method to the next level!

AimPro makes two significant improvements to alignment method:

1. AimPro’s round shape and size (same as a golf ball) allows you to more accurately line up a putt than using a line on a golf ball.

How? AimPro sits flat on the putting green. It’s 2 dimensional shape and size makes it much easier to line up than lining up a spherical shaped golf ball (3 dimensional). Once you try AimPro for the first time you’ll see how this logic translates into lowering your scores. AimPro’s simple design allows a golfer to more accurately line up his/her straight or breaking putts.
2. AimPro helps speed up play on the greens.

How? When you mark your ball on the green with AimPro, you aim it to the target line. Now you have a reference line from which to make any adjustments from the moment you mark your ball.


Easy and Simple to use instructions:

Step 1
Mark your ball on the green with the AimPro Ball Marker. Use the line on the ball maker to align your putt by aiming it along the intended target line. Next, pick up your ball.




Step 2
Take a closer look at the line of your putt from both sides of the hole. Visualize the line or break and verify where your AimPro Ball Marker is aiming.




Step 3
Realign the line or logo on your golf ball to the line on your AimPro Ball Marker.




Step 4
If you need to make any adjustments to your line, rotate your golf ball on it's axis in either direction. Slide your AimPro and realign it to the line on your golf ball to make a straight line (Make sure not to move the ball from it's original position). Take one last look at your line. If it looks right, pick up your AimPro Ball Marker and put it in your pocket.



Step 5
Now that your ball is aligned with your target line, simply align your putter with the line on your golf ball. Trust your line, make a good stroke, and you’ll make more putts!


Important Note: AimPro conforms to the USGA rules of golf and does not violate any rules if used as described above. The ball must not move from it’s original position on the green. A player can only move the ball marker relative to the original ball position while the ball is on the green. Player must also pick up the ball marker prior to making a stroke.